Five Easy Knits To Get You Started!

Sometimes the hardest thing is just getting started, and when you’re new to knitting it can be difficult to decide what to make first. Our advice is to start small with one of these simple projects, so that you can focus on getting your stitch and technique right, whilst still making a fun garment that you can wear and impress all your friends with.

1) Scarf – choose a cool colour and knit as many rows as you like to make either a short or long scarf. Garter stitch or rib stitch are both perfect stitches for a beginner.

2) Chunky cowl – the chunkier the yarn, the quicker it will knit up and there are some really excellent chunky yarns out there at the moment!

3) Small blanket – it could be for a baby, a dog or just your sofa. Even in simple garter stitch, the texture is so much nicer than anything you’ll buy on the high street. Customise it with pompoms or a fringe for a totally luxe look.

4) Mittens – not gloves (which are way too scary to start with), but a basic mitten pattern is a quick and easy project for any beginner.

5) Leg warmers – a fun knit for wintery weather or if you practise for Britain’s Got Talent in your spare time. But don’t forget… you do have to make two!