All About Alpacas

Alpaca are astonishing animals for two reasons:

  1. They produce a luxurious yarn to knit with (thank you, alpaca!)
  2. They always look goofy and gushingly cute

Alpaca yarn is incredible. It’s super soft and one of the warmest fibres on the planet. Even a yarn that contains only a small amount of alpaca in a blend will feel much warmer than one without.

This adorable guy boasts many colours of the alpaca rainbow, from his dark brown feet through to his cream face. He’s also sporting red, green and white tassels, which are the colours of Peru, home to many alpaca in their native South America.

As you can see, there’s not even any need to dye their yarn, as they come in such a variety of great colours.

It’s not often we see an animal we feel like knitting, but come on now, how can you not? Just take a look at this fuzzy fella!

More farmers in the UK are now keeping these cutie-pies, meaning more yarn is being made from their fuzzy coats, like from Devon-based yarn company UK Alpaca (

And here’s a bonus for those of you with allergies or sensitive skin: unlike sheep’s wool, alpaca yarn contains no lanolin, making it hypoallergenic!

We’re completely spoiled for choice… and in need of a hug from a fleecy friend. Please?