Amazing Colour Combos for Stripy Knits

Written by Sarah

We’ve all been there – you’ve found a pattern you really like and it has quite a few colours in it, so you’ll just pick the yarn colours yourself! How hard can it be, right? Well, we know it can be pretty tricky, so here are five ideas to make choosing your colours a bit easier.

Look for inspiration online!

Pinterest is your best friend for this kind of conundrum. Create a board of knitting colour combos you really like and then try to hone it down to a single colour palette or style.

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Start with the basics

Are you looking at calm greys and whites or vibrant blues and greens, or do you prefer to stick with pastels? Decide what the overall tone will be and go from there.

Pick a really zingy colour

Don’t be afraid to choose a strong accent colour – perhaps it matches your favourite chair or a rug? It can be this colour choice that makes your project fashionable. Go on be bold!

If it’s stripes, just add white!

If your colours look a bit muddy together, you’ll be surprised how by adding white in between them will suddenly ‘lift’ the colours.

Go ombre

Choose tones of the same colour and then knit stripes from dark to light. This technique creates a fab effect and is really on-trend at the moment.