Arm Knitting

When working at Woman’s Weekly magazine as a very stiff-upper-lipped traditional knitter, the arm knitting trend happened and my superiors got very excited. They approached me to produce a line of videos, design some workshops and even produce some patterns.


Horrified that anything charading as knitting could do so without the use of needles was heinous, and I was totally appalled at the suggestion that it could even be considered part of the same family as the craft I know and love.

Of course, I went above and beyond and met my professional obligations with a quiet reluctance, tutting and muttering at my desk all the while.

I tried it once… and then again… and then the third time, something very mad happened.

I was surrounded! The entire team had me pinned in at my desk. They were fascinated by what I was up to. Bashing out blankets in under 15 minutes, I’d never attracted attention like that before.

It struck me that the reason why it was so eye-catching (as it had also been on social media) was the sheer size of it, the speedy results and the ability for non-knitters to begin to understand the process of knitting. I mean, it’s essentially the same, just with big arm-shaped needles.

I admit now, that I’ve completely come around to the idea of arm knitting. It has its benefits. I am very much looking forward to whipping up a double bedspread in an afternoon for instance, and… hey, it’s exercise, right?