Back to School Knits

Summer’s here and another school year is over – much to the delight of kids across the country. I can vividly remember our ‘back to school’ shopping trips when I was little – that day when we’d head into the local town and hit the shops for new shoes, school uniform, a bag and stationery. I’d dread it because although getting a new pencil case and felt tip pens was always a highlight (oh to be a nine-year-old again…), that late August or early September shopping trip really only meant one thing – the glorious six-week holidays were coming to an end.

These days, back to school campaigns are big business, but instead of a soulless trip to the supermarket to do a one-stop shop, there’s a growing trend for crafting your own back to school items, putting the fun and individuality back into the experience. From full-on uniform hacks to smaller, quirky projects, it’s the perfect opportunity to flex those creative skills for a good, practical reason – and also give the kids a chance to get involved. Whether you’re looking for project inspiration, or simply for an entertaining (and inexpensive) way to pass a rainy afternoon these hols, here are our top picks for the best back-to-school knits:


Back to school also means the arrival of cooler, autumnal mornings. Forget the itchy polyester – knit up a simple, lightweight sweater or cardigan using a soft cotton in the school’s regulation colours to keep those late summer chills at bay.

Pencil Topper

We love the character pencil toppers that can be found all over Pinterest right now. From princesses to aliens, dinosaurs to cute kittens, these bright and bold little woolly wonders are guaranteed to inject a bit of fun back into lesson times.

Laptop Sleeve

One for the older kids, knitted laptop and tablet sleeves are still a great way of protecting precious tech at school or college. Go stylish with a cable knit sleeve in charcoal grey or go funky with a black and neons colour block pattern – the choice is yours!

Key Chain

Whether it’s for practical purposes or to decorate a bag, we love a key chain – and the current trends for simple but colourful tassels and macramé knotted mini weaves are especially difficult to resist. Quick and simple to whip up, they’re also a great project for kids to have a go at, and best of all, being easy to customise, they’re the perfect project for all ages! Just grab some split rings and a little bit of wool and you’re good to go!

Graphic Scarf

As we mentioned before, September can bring fresher mornings, and what better way to beat the chill than a fun, lightweight scarf? We especially love the school-inspired pencil design ones that we’ve seen online. Their bold colours and cute graphic design are the perfect way to embrace your inner geek… Ahem, we mean, for your child to embrace their inner geek, of course… Or how about a contemporary, minimalistic twist on the classic animal scarf?