Be More Danish

Written by Sarah

“More Danish?” I hear you say. Why is this the latest lifestyle trend?

It’s because the Danes are officially the happiest people in the world. They consistently come top in lifestyle and quality-of-life surveys, and we know their secret…


No, it’s not a typo! Hygge (pronounced Hue-guh) doesn’t have a direct translation into English, but the sentiment can be loosely translated to feeling special, cosy, together and content. What a nice idea, hey? And we’ve decided to put together our own top 3 tips for adding a bit more Hygge to your life, and how you can even apply it to your knitting.

1) Make time for yourself

We lead such busy lives and increasingly the first thing that goes is ‘us time’. Time that we spend on ourselves – be it on craft, cooking or just hanging out on the sofa bingeing on box sets. You shouldn’t feel guilty about spending time indulging in your loves. It’s what makes you, you! Schedule aside frequent knitting time so that you can sit back and relax after work or school and make progress on your latest project all at once!

2) Say ‘No’

Sometimes, the most stressful things in life are the constant demands put on us by our friends, work colleagues and loved ones. Have we read the latest book, watched the latest ‘must-see’ series, can we work late or come in early, can we go to this party or that event? Sometimes we just want to stay in and knit! The most liberating thing can be to have the confidence just to say, “No”. Your friends will understand, the TV will still be there tomorrow and the work will get done. Go easy on yourself for a change.

3) Reclaim Sundays

Our 24-hour-7-day-a-week culture means there is no such thing as a day off any more. Make your Sundays count – start a list of things you’ve been meaning to do and tick off one a week. You’ll feel an amazing sense of achievement. Item one on the list? Start that Christmas knitting!

We think this super chunky throw is the embodiment of Hygge – quick to knit, snuggly and the perfect addition to you Hygge home!