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Five Reasons to Love Knitting

We're wishing a happy Valentine's Day to the love of our lives... Knitting!

Valentine’s Day Knits

It's Valentine's Day soon, so here's our list of gift ideas to knit for your loved one!

Kitsch Kitchen Knits

Here at Cast On we think kitsch can be cool, cute and quirky - so here are our current kitsch picks to customise your kitchen with!

Prominent Pinterest Knitters

Fuel your Pinspiration by following the best accounts that Pinterest has to offer.

Arm Knitting

Here's why it's time you had a go!

Seven Seasonal Scarves

Effortlessly spruce up your winter wardrobe by knitting a new scarf this season.

Kids’ Knits

Start knitting for the kids in your life – children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews – and surprise them with an adorable gift that they can wear.

Winter Warmers

Baby, it’s cold outside!

Why We Love Pom Poms

Our list of top projects to elicit a pom pom love affair…

Winter Wardrobe Essentials

Fight off frostbite with these seasonal must-haves to suit every style.

Top Tension Tips

If your knits are too baggy, or too tight, it's probably because you've been skipping the tension test! Don't worry, we're not going to tell you off! We're sharing with you our best tips for getting the perfect fit every time.

Upcycling Kids’ Knits

Make do and mend! It's good for the environment, your wardrobe, and your wallet!

Why Knit Something You Can Buy?

In this age of fast fashion and cheap clothes, we put forward the argument for creating your own one-of-a-kind knitted garments by hand.

Looming Explained

Just one look and my heart went loom...

New Year, New Knits

Make you New Year’s resolution a woollen one!

A Guide to Buying Yarn Bundles in the January Sales

Christmas is over and the sales are here, so be sure to nab yourself a wooly bargain.

The Simple Guide to Substituting Yarns

It's best to err on the side of caution if you want to swap a yarn in a pattern for one of your own picking, so use our straightforward guide for reference.

A Simple Guide to Yarn Weights

Are you baffled about yarn weights? Confused about US and UK conversions? No worries! Sit down, grab a measuring tape, and let us guide you through it.

Food, Glorious Food

Express your love for food through your needles and yarn, instead of your stomach, by knitting these six festive food-themed projects.

Knitting For Little Ones – let the children help to develop your skills

Improve your technique and expand your skillset all whilst winning over the little ones in your life with these adorable projects!

Knitting for Charity

Change the world one stitch at a time!

The Best of British Wool

Look no further than our pastoral isles next time you need to top up your yarn stash!

Five Knits for Christmas Morning

Whether proudly on display or wrapped up under the tree, these five knits will make your Christmas morning just a touch more magic.

Deck The Halls

Deck the halls with boughs of holly - and your handmade knitted decorations too!

Be More Danish

How you can apply the Danish art of hygge to your life - and your knits!

The Best Knits to Make this Christmas (F)

Get into the holiday spirit by having a go at these festive knits. Have a homemade holiday season!

Knit a Gift for a Friend

Our top three tips for knitting that perfect Christmas or holiday gift for a special friend.

Glittering Gifts for Every Knitter

If you want to buy a special something for the knitter in your life, look no further.

Five Tips for Tackling a Big Knit

If you feel as though you've bitten off more than you can chew - or knit - just relax, and read our expert advice.

Knit The Perfect Christmas Gift!

The holidays are coming and those gifts won't knit themselves!

On-Trend Knits for the Home

Add a splash of originality to your home this season with these in vogue knits.

Five Super Chunky Shop Knits

The best chunky knits to buy online this season, or let ignite your inspiration.

Amazing Colour Combos for Stripy Knits

Picking the right colour combo for a striped knit is a difficult choice - from vibrant colour to cool monochrome - so let us help you out!

Nine Knitting Stash Storage Solutions

Because beautiful knits deserve beautiful storage.

Throw some Chunky Style on your Sofa

Easily add statement to your sofa and brighten your interior with a chunky throw.

Five Craft Show Essentials

Tickets? Booked. Bags? Packed. Tips to help you make the most out of your trip? Right here.

Remember, Remember, the 5th of November

Guy Fawkes night is bound to be nothing short of spectacular, so keep warm whilst watching the fireworks with these toasty knits.

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…

Now – yes, now, in October – is the time to start planning your Christmas gift knits if you want them to realistically be ready, wrapped, and under the tree in December!

Spooky Knits for Hallowe’en

Something wicked this way comes…

The Woolly Luxury of Harris Tweed

Are you wondering what else can be done with yarn, besides knitting? This exquisite tweed is produced from sheep all the way up in the Scottish highlands!

All About Alpacas

Why you need to consider knitting with yarn made from one of the world's softest and most endearing animals!

Top Home Décor Knits

No need to buy your home décor when you can knit it yourself!

Toy Stories

You've knitted clothes for humans (and maybe even for your pooch!), but if you have an eye for all things miniature, why not knit clothes for toys?

A Guide to Different Knitting Needles

Not sure which needle to use for what, or what the numbers on the side of the needle mean? Our easy-to-follow guide explains all you need to know about knitting needles.

Knitting for Time Travellers

Found the perfect pattern for your next project - but it's vintage? Learn how to recreate your grandmother's one-of-a-kind designs, or read a pattern written in a long-gone era, with our handy guide to bridge knitting's past and present.

What’s on for Wool Week 2018

One for the diary! Here's our guide to the highlights of #WoolWeek2018.

Heirloom Knits

Knit things you'll want to keep from generation to generation.

Caring for your Hand Knits

Not sure how to look after your delicate knits now that you've carefully hand-crafted them? From washing techniques to dealing with moths, we've got you covered.

Pride Knits

Pride season is nearly over, but here are five rainbow knits to sport all year round.

Nautical Knits

Oh I do love to be beside the seaside…

Knits for Uni Students

Be ready for the new term with our list of must-knits for your student home.

Test, Test, Test!

Don't knit a beautiful jumper only to realise after you've tried it on that it's uncomfortably tight or too loose! Follow these steps to get the perfect tension every time.

Why We Love Knitting for Babies and Toddlers

There's no contest; babies and toddlers look the cutest in our handmade knits! So here are our top seven reasons why we love to knit for the little ones in our lives.


If you love the sweet, fleshy goodness of fruit, here are eight ways to incorporate your favourite fruits into your next knitting project.

Five of the Best YouTube Tutorials

The internet is stuffed with craft tutorials, so we have saved you time by picking out our five favourites!

London’s Best Knitting Shops

Here are four of the best places to head to in London next time your wool stash needs restocking, from central to the south bank and beyond.

Back to School Knits

September is here, so we've compiled a list of back to school knitting inspo to brighten up those early autumn mornings.

Knit your way through the Bank Holiday

August the 27th marks the Summer Bank Holiday, which presents the rare opportunity to spend the entire day knitting!

Five Ways to Customise Your Hanging Plant Holder

Customised plant pot holders are a must - especially if you live in a city and have minimal windowsill space - so these are our top five ways to add some pizzazz to your plants!

Summer Fete Knits

Will you be going to a summer fete with the family, but not sure what to bring? You'll impress the entire town with our updated take on traditional British knits!

Cast On visits the British Wool Show

We were invited to the British Wool Show in York this August! Here's what we got up to...


Stay connected and get inspired online with our recommendations of best Instagram accounts to follow.

Summer Home Knits

Bring the sunshine inside with these delightful summery knits!

Wedding Season Knits

Why buy pricey wedding clothes and accessories when you could knit them? Let us guide you with inspiration for the Big Day!

Five Easy Knits To Get You Started!

Ease into knitting with these simple but stylish pieces.

Quick Projects For Your Summer Hols

Want something unique to pack in your suitcase before jetting off to the beach or on a city break? Take inspiration from these sun-inspired knits!

Yarns for Summer Knitting

Summer's here! Leave your warm wool for the winter, and start knitting with these cool yarns that can handle the heat.

Top Knits for Festival Goers

Heading to a festival this summer? You can be sure to stand out from the crowd with these unique knits!

Shows To Go To For Knitters

We've compiled a list of the best and boldest upcoming knitting and wool shows!

Five Summer Knits To Try

Utilise your evenings in the garden or spent in the beach hut by completing these five knitting projects this summer!

Everything You Need To Know About Yarn

The seemingly infinite multitude of different types of yarn can be overwhelming to knitters - after all, how do you know which type to pick? Don't worry, we'll break it down for you in this handy guide.

Using up your Yarn Stash

We'll be the first to admit we have an embarrassingly huge pile of wool building up that we just couldn't resist buying... so what can you do with your mountains of yarn stash before it completely takes over your home?!

Reading a pattern

It might sound simple but patterns come in all shapes and sizes so here's our handy guide to make reading any pattern a breeze.

Can I take my knitting on a flight?

With summer holidays looming, loads of us will be hopping on a flight to somewhere hot and sunny for a break. With airport security tighter than ever, what can we get away with when packing for our summer vay-cay?