Five of the Best YouTube Tutorials

Written by Sarah

I love the Internet. If you’re stuck with your knitting and all alone at home, all that remains is a quick squizz around the interweb and you’ve solved your problem.

But the issue is, anyone can now pop stuff up online. There’s no guarantee of authority and it can take an age to slog through page after page of nonsense to source a decent answer to your question.

If you look hard enough though, there are some real gems to be unearthed. I’ve lined up a few of my favourite tutorials. You’ve really got to see them, they’re certainly the best.

1) ‘2 Socks at-a-Time, Toe-Up, Magic Loop’ by Staci Perry of VeryPink Knits

Staci explains everything really clearly to introduce you to what might seem to many knitters as quite a daunting task – knitting two socks at the same time. She really makes you feel that you can achieve everything you’re being shown. I love it.


2) ‘A Nimble Knitter’s Left Cross & Right Cross’ by Cat Bordhi

Cat Bordhi is a notable goddess in the world of knitting and this swish tutorial on how to magically make cables form without the use of a cable needle, is totally mind-blowing.


3) ‘How to Avoid 2 Balls of Yarn Twisting, when you Knit Stranded Colorwork’ by Arne and Carlos

Arne and Carlos are two quirky knitting designers from Norway. In this video they address the quite difficult-to-explain yarn tangle that occurs as a result of knitting Fair Isle. We’ve all been there, it’s so great so see this finally addressed in a simple yet fun video.


4) ‘How to Knit a Scarf for Beginners Step By Step’ by Davina at Sheep and Stitch

For ‘complete newbies’, presenter Davina talks total beginners through the process of making a scarf – from the thickness of the yarn you need, to holding your needles properly, right through to finishing. Fab for starters-off.


5) ‘How to Seam: Set-in Sleeve’ by Patons Yarns 

I’d never considered that a video on this topic even existed, but having always told my students that this is the ‘make or break’ point in finishing a knitted garment, this is the perfect video to show you how to do it properly. They do it really well.