Five Reasons to Love Knitting

Written by Vanessa

Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re dedicating this one to the greatest craft in the world and the love of our lives – knitting! Every knitter has their own personal reasons as to why they adore the woolly hobby so much, so here are the top five reasons why the team at Cast On love knitting…

1) You make your own creations

Forget shop-bought throws and ready-to-wear jumpers, by knitting you have complete creative control over everything you make. You choose the shape, fit, and colours when you knit items for yourself, meaning that each piece is entirely one-of-a-kind. Patterns can be followed, used as a base guide for inspiration, or, if you’re skilled enough, you can design your own knits from scratch. Never make the faux pas of accidentally wearing the same jumper as your friend to lunch again!

2) Knitting teaches you to be patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day, and likewise, that lace-knit shawl won’t be finished in an evening. Projects can feel long and laborious, especially if you’re prone to making mistakes or misreading patterns – but this is all part of the process! Patience, perseverance, and problem-solving skills will arise the more you knit, and soon the idea of spending weeks or even months on a project will no longer seem daunting. In an age where technology provides us with instant gratification, the concept of taking time and nurturing a knit from start to finish is incredibly satisfying.

3) Knitting requires practice

Perhaps not the most glaringly obvious reason but by far the most satisfying; knitting is a skill that requires plenty of practice to develop. Nobody has ever picked up a pair of needles and a ball of yarn and been able to knit a Fair Isle jumper on their first attempt! Even a scarf in garter stitch can be difficult for a beginner, prone to dropping stitches and twisting the yarn the wrong way around the needle by mistake! With practice comes increased speed and skill, and the ability to undertake more excitingly complex projects. Be proud – you’ve earnt it.

4) Knitting is social

Knitting brings people of all ages, abilities, and walks of life together; it’s a hobby that is far more enjoyable when you belong to a community. There are lots of ways to connect with other knitters: try searching for your local knitting club, shop, society, or if you live remotely, become part of the knitted community online through websites such as Instagram, Ravelry, and Pinterest. Here at Cast On H.Q., we are a community of our own, and consider you, dearest reader, one of the family!

5) Knitting is fun

Practical reasons such as skills and creativity aside, the most important reason that we love knitting is that it’s simply so much fun. Feeling plush, rainbow-dyed mohair skeins on display in a yarn shop; getting into a rhythm when alternating between knit and purl; the excitement of trying out a new pattern… Knitting is a hobby with seldom a dull moment. On that reflection, we’re logging off for the day to carry on knitting!