Five Tips for Tackling a Big Knit

Huge knits are often a daunting prospect, but we’ve all been there – ogling that amazing king size bedspread pattern with optimistic eyes, trying to decide whether or not we have it in us to complete it. You do. You definitely do.

Well there are a few things you can do to soften the impact of such a huge task. I’ve got five pieces of wisdom for you that will make such a huge goal, totally achievable.

1) Give yourself a deadline

This sounds a bit ominous, but by giving yourself a time estimate, you can break down your project into manageable, achievable chunks. Plan out precisely what you intend to achieve each month, and keep track of it, either manually on a chart, by setting reminders on your phone calendar, or letting a website such as Ravelry track it for you.

2) Make it portable

If you’ve got a big holiday coming up, don’t let that get in the way! Break your project up into portable sized pieces and make sure you can knit while you travel, or commute.

Transfer your project to a bendy circular needle and work flat for a foldaway project that will fit in your bag. Even wide projects will fit neatly onto a circular needle for added portability and many airlines will be happy to let you board with wooden ones (although always check with them before you travel).

3) Think carefully about the colour

I guarantee that if you’re knitting in a colour you don’t love, you’ll be fed up with it by the time you’re done. If you have no option, add some flashes of extra colours for a contrast colour that will keep it interesting.

4) Visualise where it’s going

If it’s for someone you care about, keep this firmly in mind while you’re knitting. If it’s to ‘finally tie the living room together’, don’t forget this too. Remember the reason you started your knit and stay motivated, you will get there!

5) Clear all outstanding projects

OK, I know, this is a BIG ask. If you’re anything like me, you’ve got 10 or 15 projects hidden around the house (under the bed, between the sofa cushions… I don’t judge). But truth be told, these should be well and truly out of sight if you’re embarking on a biggie.

Finish what you can and pack the rest away. Store them carefully and somewhere out of sight – if you have a loft, this is a good place to beat the temptation to come back to them, for now. You’ve got a big project to focus on, and you don’t need any distractions!