Five Ways to Customise Your Hanging Plant Holder

Written by Natalie

Whether you’re looking to inject a touch of retro style into your home, are following the recent high street trend for bringing the outdoors inside, or simply want a space-saving way to display your collection of succulents (c’mon – we can’t be the only ones to have run out of window sill space), a knitted plant holder is a fun and colourful addition to any room. But to really make it your own, why not customise the design? We’re not talking complicated pattern alterations – just some well-placed finishing touches. Here are our top five tips to get you started:

1) Bead there, done that
If you’re adding beads, go bold with your choices. Try primary/clashing colours, geometric shapes and patterns and experiment with metallic or natural stone/marble effects to capture this season’s luxe look.

2) Layer up

Once you’ve got to grips with the basic method you can start experimenting with different formations. Why not go for a triple tier to vertically connect three holders of various sizes? Just remember to make sure your connecting yarns and hanging hook are strong enough to take the extra weight… After all, no one wants to come home to splattered Pig’s Ear or Hens-and-Chicks all over the floor!

3) Get knotted

If those attractive weavings on Pinterest have got you tying yourself in knots with envy, check out an easy tutorial on how to macramé. Basic knots can be simple but effective – and will transform a standard braided support into a total showstopper.

4) I made it

Decorate your own beads for a unique finish. Simply invest in some plain, unvarnished wooden beads and a set of craft markers (suitable for all finishes), and then let your imagination run wild!

5) Metallic thread

For a touch of luxury, incorporate metallic thread into your knitting. Just remember that metallic yarn may have differing properties, so be sure to adjust your tension accordingly…

Go on, get knitting and give your plants the home they deserve!