Food, Glorious Food

Written by Vanessa

It’s the season for festivities, parties, and celebration – which means an abundance of delicious food! Should you become stuffed from eating too many chocolate éclairs and cinnamon pastries, consider expressing your love for food through your needles and yarn (instead of your stomach) by knitting these six food-themed projects.

1) Teatime treats

Knit a plate of decorative treats in a 4-ply yarn, which is perfect for fine and fiddly projects. Make French fondant fancies with backstitches in contrasting colours to form the icing; doughnuts with double-pointed needles and multicoloured beads to imitate ‘hundreds and thousands’ sprinkles; a Battenberg slice with simple alternating square colourwork; and cakes topped with red balls as glacé cherries.

2) Cupcake keyring

Using a similar method to the cakes above, use a stocking stitch and a slim needle to form the fluffy base of your cupcake before sewing on tiny beads to make the sprinkles. To finish, sew a keychain to the base and attach a big, red, glossy bead as the glacé cherry on top.

3) Cupcake garland

Finished the keyring already? Now’s the time to knit a cupcake garland! You could stick to the same cupcake pattern as before, or use pom poms made from a multicoloured yarn to form the cake with a sugary sprinkled icing effect. If you want to stay on-theme, a teeny tiny pom pom on top makes a terrific cherry.

4) Beehive tea cosy

This one’s easier than it looks; knit a tea cosy in a rustic shade of yellow yarn, alternating between stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch to create the chunky rib that emulates a traditional beehive. To decorate, knit life-size bees and sporadically sew them in place around the hive. Their delicate wings can be made using just one loop of white yarn.

5) Biscuit cushion

Turn your favourite biscuit into a cushion – whether that be Oreos, Bourbons, or Custard Creams (hopefully, none of our readers are fans of plain Digestives!). Here we’ve made a Jammie Dodger cushion, complete with a jam filling that runs around the circumference and unites in the centre with a moss stitch heart. Best served with a plate of the real thing!

6) Seasonal egg cosies

Mix and match your breakfast to suit the weather outside – which, admittingly in Britain changes every week – by knitting four distinctly different egg cosies, one for each season. Summer’s cosy sees a cloudy sky with a bird; spring’s cosy blossoms pink flowers; autumn’s cosy dons a rustic woodland palette; and winter’s cosy wraps up its egg in a toasty cable knit complete with a bobble on top.

Bon appétit!