Spooky Knits for Hallowe’en

Written by Sarah

Inspired by our cousins over the pond, Hallowe’en has become something of a big thing over the last few years. When I was younger, it was a fairly understated holiday – a few ineffectual decorations in shop windows, the excuse to show some spooky programmes on TV, a warning from my parents that the monsters were on the lookout for any little children who didn’t go to bed on time (an outrageous lie I have since realised…) and, frankly, in my child’s mind, the first milestone on the countdown to Christmas.

However, there was always something about that October night that caught my imagination. Perhaps all children are just predisposed to have a love of monsters and creepiness – but whatever it is, Hallowe’en has taken off in a big way. While some may think it’s just another commercial ploy to get us to spend our money, many of us crafters embrace it as an opportunity to flex our creative muscles and let our imaginations truly run wild. This October, the spooky world is your oyster, so get those knitting needles sharpened, prepare to knit like a demon and embrace your inner ghoul with some unique projects…

Lace knit jumper or shrug

Channel your inner Morticia Adams with a dark and mysterious Hallowe’en party look. If full-on fancy dress isn’t your thing, a black lace knit batwing jumper or shrug in soft merino or angora is the perfect way to add a touch of gothic elegance to an outfit. Fleck with dark sequins for a spell-binding finish.

Trick or treat bag

Whip up a simple rib stitch pouch in orange, green and black stripes, then add cotton tape straps for a tote bag, or create a top channel and thread with spooky glitter ribbon for a cute draw string pouch.

Decorations or wreath

Give your home a haunted house makeover with black and orange pom pom pumpkin bunting, or use chunky tinsel yarn in Hallowe’en colours to knit ghosts, dragons and monsters – Pinterest has some fang-tastic patterns if you need a little inspiration.

Fancy dress

From witch-hand gloves and striped stockings to pointy hats and cloaks, dragon outfits complete with back scales to mermaid tails, there’s an endless list of fancy dress costumes out there just waiting to be knitted to life. While you can buy a store-bought one, why not make it a truly memorable night with a hand-made outfit – perfect to keep and pass on as an heirloom gift.

Table decorations

No Hallowe’en party would be complete without a ghoulishly be-decked table – and there are a whole host of knit goodies just perfect for the job. From lace knit ‘spider web’ table runners to a pumpkin tea cosy ideal for warming that witch’s brew, knit up some spooktacular accessories to help your celebration go with a bang!