Heirloom Knits

There are two key rules to making sure that when you knit something for yourself or someone else, it is well received and well loved. Keep to these and you’ll be safe in the knowledge that this knit is destined to become a beloved heirloom.

1) Pick a great pattern

The very confident among you might have a go at designing something, which is a great idea! I for one like to design something whenever a new baby is on the way – I really like the idea of a brand new one-of-a-kind little one having a little knitted something that is just that.

But it does take time, some major maths and some massive expertise. So careful pattern selection comes in at a close second. Pick carefully, and you’re on to a win.

Don’t be shy or modest, either – get your teeth into some tasty technique to truly wow your wearer. You can show off a bit of skill with some sumptuous cable or lace techniques.

2) Make sure the yarn is fabulous!

Don’t be bound by the recommended yarns in a pattern. A bit of consideration about matching the tension and making sure you have the equivalent total number of metres, will totally free you to choosing whichever yarns you feel you’d like to use. For example, putting a posh silk-blend yarn to a simple pattern like this hot water bottle cover, will take it from lacklustre to luxurious.

One thing to be particularly mindful of though, is washability. Think it through. Parents of a new baby aren’t going to have time to be hand washing or making trips to the dry cleaners with that stunning cashmere Babygro you’ve just knitted for them.

Keep it practical. Or better still, in some of your prettiest handwriting, add a little gift tag to your knit with some instructions on how to care for your precious pressie. We love these vintage-style brown tags from Ginger Ray (gingerray.co.uk) so you can add a personalised message when passing your knitted heirloom from one generation to the next.