Kids’ Knits

Written by Vanessa

During that pioneering age between infant and adult, when they’re exploring the world around them, children need to be protected from the outside elements – and what better way to keep the little ones safe and warm than with your knitted creations? It’s never a waste of time to knit for kids, despite them growing up so fast, because their smaller items take half the time to make and can be passed down from one sibling to the next. Here’s our list of the most adorable and unique items to knit for children.

Slouchy Rib Hat

Pick a bright, fun primary coloured yarn to knit a slouchy hat in a simple but stylish rib pattern. Add a tassel atop for a dash of added cuteness.

Stripy Sailor Jumper

Perfect for a seaside trip, or just to wear on a chilly evening out and about, a stripy jumper is staple item for every little adventurer in your life. Use a different type of yarn for the stripes to add some textured detail.

Owl Hat and Scarf

Make an owl hat with a matching scarf in a grouse coloured yarn for a rustic woodland look. Emboss the owl detail on the forefront of the hat, with buttons for eyes and coordinated tassels on the square corners of both the hat and the scarf.

Rainbow Rucksack

Use a multicoloured gradient yarn to knit a backpack for your petite pioneer to keep their belongings safe whilst they conquer playground. For added texture, we recommended using the Noro Blossom Wool Mix yarn, which is a blend of wool kid mohair, silk and nylon. Pop on a single button to keep everything secure.

Mr. Fox Scarf

Stand out at school with a vibrant fox scarf! Leave a hole in the tail-end for the head to slide through, which will keep it in place no matter how forgetful the miniature wearer is. They can even help you make the pom pom needed to make Mr. Fox’s nose!

Bow Scarf

Use a soft cream coloured yarn in a moss stitch to form a scarf, then use a contrasting colour – such as shocking pink or electric blue – for the accentuated thick bow. Minnie Mouse fans will appreciate this one!

Baseball Jacket

If you happen to know a sports star in the making, knit them a baseball jacket with contrasting colour-block sleeves and a brightly striped hem. Appliqué on their initials for a personalised bespoke touch!