Knit a Gift for a Friend

With winter approaching, most of us just fancy snuggling up warmly on the sofa during these dark evenings. So, why not use that as an excuse to pick up your knitting again? Perhaps you have a family member who’s a nightmare to buy for, or a friend you want to surprise with something personal, so what better way to show them you care than to knit a Christmas gift this year?

It doesn’t have to be as scary as it sounds! If, like us, you’re guilty of starting a project with gusto, only to ‘store’ it away in a cupboard for months before finishing it, then here are some handy planning tips to make your hand-knit dream a reality.

1) Pick something small or simple unless you’re a fast and experienced knitter – a chunky cowl or some easy mittens will knit up quickly, so there’ll be no excuse not to finish them.

2) Choose an on-trend colour – chunky knits in this winter’s on-trend mustard shade, dubbed ‘Gen Z yellow’, cost a fortune on the high street meaning your gift will be both practical and fashionable!

3) Be organised – if you like to do a bit of knitting every night, then make sure to set aside an hour most evenings to get the project finished. If you’re a blitzer, then stock up on goodies – a Netflix series, some treats (but no wine… we know what happens to your knitting after three large glasses and it isn’t pretty!) – and spend a day or two totally on it!