Knit your way through the Bank Holiday

Written by Vanessa

The Summer Bank Holiday has arrived – which means no work, and no school run! However, it also means that shops, galleries, and museums will be shut, and of course, trains will be fitful, so what will you do to bide your time on this (hopefully) sunny day off? There aren’t many days in the calendar that can be devoted entirely to knitting, so use the opportunity try out one of these five knits that can be completed in under a day.

1) Very thin scarf

The very thin scarf is perhaps the simplest knitting project of all time, making it perfect for beginners, and resulting in it becoming a staple item in every knitter’s wardrobe. Use an airy cotton yarn to fend off the summer heat, whilst still keeping it personalised by picking your favourite colour, or just use leftover wool from a previous project. If you’re a more advanced knitter, add stripes or ribbing detail to create a more sophisticated scarf.

2) Needle case

If you have a wardrobe to store your knits, and a bag to store your wool, it’s vital to also have a safe place to store your needles. Show off your skills, and easily transport your needles with you wherever you go, with a simple striped needle case – try an earthy green colour combination in a textured moss stitch.

3) Edible treats

Have some fun and get creative by knitting a summer treat, such as an ice cream sandwich or an ice lolly, with any leftover wool in that you may have. Vibrant striped colours can be used to create a lolly, and rainbow beads can be used to replicate the sugary ‘hundreds and thousands’ sprinkles on a Mr Whippy. Of course, this gives you the perfect reason to devour the real thing to ensure artistic realism!

4) Felted Place Settings

Be prepared for any upcoming BBQs or dinner parties, if you’re not already planning on having one this evening, by knitting some place settings. Use a stiff felted yarn to create square placemats and matching circular coasters, adding detail with an oceanic blue and sea green stripe, all of which will be sure to impress your guests.

5) Chunky crop top

When the sun fades over the horizon after a long day at the beach, or when an afternoon BBQ in the garden carries on into the night, it can get a little chilly. A cropped bolero in a chunky yet lightweight knit will keep you warm as the evening draws to a close. Make sure to stick to neutral colours to stay cool, such as cream, and add a giant button so it will stay firmly on your shoulders wherever the occasion takes you.