Knits for Uni Students

Written by Vanessa

It’s coming to the end of September, which means university is recommencing for the autumn term. If you’re a student you’ll be caught up in the whirlwind chaos of Fresher’s Week, meeting new people, and navigating a maze-like campus; all amidst settling into new accommodation in an unfamiliar town or city. So, whether you’re moving into halls or a student house, there are a few things you can knit to make your term-time abode feel a little more like home.

Laptop case

Your entire degree rests upon your laptop – most importantly essay writing, submitting assignments, accessing your uni’s virtual learning portal, and ordering takeaway at three in the morning – so be sure to keep yours safe with a sturdy-yet-stylish case. If you’re not sure which colour to knit with, pick a shade that complements your backpack.


University halls can get notoriously cold in the winter (and so can student houses if you don’t pay your heating bill), so come prepared with a cosy throw or blanket to keep you toasty during the wet winter months. The chunkier the wool, the better!

Pen holder

By the end of Fresher’s Week, you’ll have accumulated enough pens, pencils, and rulers to keep you supplied for three years of note-taking (with maybe even enough left over if you go on to do a Master’s), so you’ll need somewhere to store them. Instead of buying a pen pot, use a clean tin can and knit it a snug cover — a brilliant way to practice cable stitch or Fair Isle patterns if you’re a beginner.


Rugs tie a place together and can serve as the finishing touch to make an otherwise undistinguished room feel inviting and homely, particularly if the rug coordinates with the colour scheme (we’re loving this season’s yellow homeware trend). Rugs allow creative free rein because yarns in different colours, stripes, and textures can form endless combinations.

Storage basket

The universally handy storage basket is a room décor essential, especially if you live in notoriously small student halls or a glorified cupboard in a cramped metropolis house share. Baskets can be stacked, tucked away, displayed proudly on shelves, or simply placed anywhere they are needed! Try knitting a series of baskets each in a varying shade of the same colour for an ombré effect.

Bonus tip!

See if there’s a knitting or crafts society at your university so that you can meet other knitters to keep you company whilst you work on your projects. If not, you could always start your own!