Knitting For Little Ones – let the children help to develop your skills

If you’re new to knitting, or even if you aren’t – knitting for kids and bubbas is a fab way to broaden your yarny horizons with new skills and techniques.

The great thing about knitting for smaller people is that there’s really not much time to it. After you’ve cast on, suddenly you find yourself sewing it up and blocking the item. So keep it interesting – change things up with a little something you’ve not yet tried. Before you know it, you’ll be an expert!

Toys, in particular, are a fantastic opportunity to play with new fibres. Bearing in mind they need to stay washable, there’s a whole plethora of textures to play with if you’re aiming for a furry finish. Faux fur, eyelash and chenille yarns are great ones to try if you’ve not yet had a go. Chenille adds a velvety, furry texture to toys – stick with bamboo needles and triple-check your tension for a purr-fect finish

Be bold – even if you’re sticking with stripes, don’t be bound by plainer palettes – adding a clashing colour scheme can take your knit from blah to brilliant. Dare to knit outside your comfort zone with some fiddly fingers and faces in intarsia, like with these delightful bunny gloves.