New Year, New Knits

Written by Vanessa

The team at Cast On wishes everyone a happy New Year! However, now that the holidays are over, it’s time to get serious about all of those new knitting projects and ideas that have been put off over the festive period. Make 2019 a year for fresh beginnings and productivity – there’s no time like January to sit down and get started on this year’s Big Knit. With that in mind, here are our six top tips to stick to your New Year’s knitting resolution.

1) Get organised

Being organised is essential to being efficient; your knitting project will take twice as long to get underway if all of the yarns, needles, and equipment needed are scattered across the house. It’s a known trope that creative people are messy (like Francis Bacon’s studio, or the editorial desks here at Cast On), but in the long-run, being disorganised will only hinder your knitting progress and disrupt your rhythm. Use the quiet period over the New Year as an opportunity to clear up your craft space – take a look at our blog post with knitting storage ideas for inspiration.

2) Keep a diary

Buy a diary or use the calendar app on your smartphone to keep track of your projects. Mark the day that you begin your project and make notes of the hours that you knit and how much you are achieving in that time slot. This way you can calculate realistic goals, such as halfway points and completion, based on your knitting speeds. A calendar also makes it easy to oversee multiple projects at once without getting distracted and starting too many projects that never get finished. You could even use this as an opportunity to get creative – set up your own bullet journal and design its cover as your first knitted project of the year.

3) Make it a habit

If you fall in and out of periods of knitting – guilty of going months without picking up the needles, or never seeming to have enough time – try using the diary tip above to help make it a habit. Schedule regular knitting time, such as in the morning on the commute, or in the evening before bed, and make sure to stick to it by removing any distractions such as phones or tablets. Most importantly, allow yourself to relax and enjoy yourself! Knitting can be incredibly therapeutic, and after a habit has been formed you won’t want anyone or anything to keep you from your ‘me’ time!

4) Join a knitting group

Much like exercise, knitting is more fun in a group – which is no surprise, as throughout history knitting, along with sewing and quilt making, has traditionally been a social activity. Having other knitters around to encourage you, help you out if you get stuck, and most importantly have a good conversation with will encourage you to progress through your project at double the speed. Check your local knitting shop, department store, place of worship, or, to discover what’s on in your area.

5) Visit your local knitting shop

Seeing row upon row of yarn in every type and shade conceivable – mohair, cashmere, angora, alpaca in ochre, mauve, crimson, cerulean – forms an atmosphere of imagination that can only found in a knitting shop. If you reach a slump in your project, take a trip to a knitting (or sewing, or haberdashery) shop to reignite your love for the craft and stock up on new yarns and needles to rejuvenate your knitting stash. Owners of these shops are often experienced knitters carrying a wealth of knowledge who are usually happy to give you advice regarding your current project. If you’re a Londoner, we’ve already reviewed the best shops in London.

6) Share with other knitters

Hold yourself publicly accountable for your project by documenting your progression online using Instagram, Pinterest, Ravelry, or your own blog. Not only will you feel a greater sense of responsibly to stick to your project, you’ll be able to connect with other knitters across the globe and watch their projects blossom from the inklings of an idea into fully fledged knitted creations. Be sure to connect with us too! Follow us on Instagram @castoncrafts and tag your completed kits with #CastOnKnits for the chance to have your work featured on our page.