Nine Knitting Stash Storage Solutions

Written by Vanessa

If you have more yarn than you know what to do with, take inspiration from these nine innovative storage solutions for your knitting stash.

1) Personalised linen basket

From La Petite Maison Blanc, £18-45 (

This linen basket comes in a neutral colour palate with lots of available customisations, including names and personal messages. We think this ‘knit happens’ slogan adds a touch of humour to an otherwise chic French basket.

2) Floating shelf

From Ruche Shelving at Etsy, £311.43 (

A geometric hexagon design isn’t just great for storing your wine – try stacking yarn in this shelving unit in an ombré or rainbow design, then hang it on your wall for a gorgeous artsy addition to your home.

3) Small fabric baskets

From The Contemporary Home, £4.50 (

If you have a muted colour scheme in your home try this lightweight fabric basket with pastel grey, salmon, and pine details which resemble squiggly illustrations of yarn balls.

4) Hanging hammock

From eBay, £3.85 (

If you’ve really and truly ran out of space to store your yarn, then there’s only one place left to venture – the ceiling! Use a hammock net, the kind usually used to store children’s cuddly toys, and stuff it full of wool for an overhead feature.

5) Folding craft basket

From The Works, £5 (

This cheap and charming basket in a Cath Kidston inspired floral pattern is great for storing your yarns, especially with its outer pockets being the perfect size for needles. Plus, when you’re not using it, it folds away easily and can be slid out of sight.

6) Tiered trolley

From John Lewis, £50 (

This glossy white storage trolley would be a great addition to the craft room, study or living room – right next to a big cosy arm chair and a statement floor lamp. Best of all, it can be wheeled away after you’re done for the day!

7) Lemon grab bag

From Studio Nataly K at Etsy, £37.37 (

When life gives you lemons… use them to spruce up your storage! You can keep your yarn, needles, and current project neatly in this graphic drawstring bag, or use it to take your knits with you on the go!

8) Transforming table

From Ikea, £25 (

Use your colourful yarn stash to brighten up your living room by storing it all in this giant basket-come-table. Simply throw it all in – or carefully select yarns that match your interior to go on the outside – and then you can use the table lid to rest your cup of tea and needles on!

9) D.I.Y.

Be smart and knit your yarn into storage for itself, like with one of these handy bags. Knitters-on-the-go will appreciate these handles so that your projects can be easily brought along with you anywhere. If you’re in need of something more rigid that can be stacked, sew together squares of knitting to make a cube, stiffen with cardboard innards, and line with fabric in a matching colour.