Prominent Pinterest Knitters

Written by Vanessa

Every crafter uses Pinterest – it’s the number one site to share your creations, find new patterns, and get inspired by browsing the hundreds and thousands of pins on the Explore page. Bombard your feed with knitting by following our pick of the best accounts; their freshly knitted content will make the perfect pinning material when you’re compiling your next board.

Knit Collage

From the ruched sleeves of a chunky jumper knitted in a contrasting stitch, to the five different types of yarn used in a metallic wall hanging: clearly, texture is everything to the creators at Knit Collage. The thicker the yarn and the more overlapping embellishments, the better!


Knit Wit Magazine

Knit Wit posts a blend of handmade ready-to-wear fashion alongside knitted contemporary art. The LA account interjects pins with bright pops of colour atop of a neutral colour scheme; an embodiment of the warm, sandy hues of Los Angeles where the magazine is based.


This Knitted Life

Self-confessed ‘addict’ to knitting, blogger Andrea, founder of This Knitted Life, shares her latest patterns and knitting tips: from the secret of speedy knitting, to the mysterious workings of a knitting illness she dubs ‘second sleeve syndrome’… Andrea specialises in socks and tunics, although we’re not sure if she ever gets the chance to wear them in the sweltering California sun!


Vogue Knitting

Quite literally the Vogue of the knitted world, Vogue Knitting is an archive of the best of the magazine’s knits. Specialising in elaborate clothing and accessory designs – such as bags, jackets, and dresses – here complexity meets sophistication to inspire only the most ambitious knitters.


Purl Soho

Pattern makers Purl Soho intertwine their knitted blankets and towels into a mood board of colour coordinated pins including stretches of landscapes, woodland flowers, and plenty of sheep! Work nature into your knitting with this pastorally-inspired Pinterest.


Cast On Craft

Last but not least, don’t forget to follow us for pins of our newest knitting kits and expertly curated yarn boards on everything conceivable – stripes, colour blocks, knitted fruit, rainbows, and more. Need a pattern idea for a knitted bow tie? We’ve got you covered.