Seven Seasonal Scarves

Written by Vanessa

If you’re a knitter you’ve probably knitted scarves before – hundreds of them – beginning with the holey scarf formed the very first time you ever picked up the knitting needles, to the cable knit scarf you made last winter. If you think you’re bored of scarves, think again, because we’ve compiled a list to highlight the seemingly infinite multitude of different scarf patterns that will be sure to inspire this season’s latest knit.

1) Long ribbed scarf

If you want to keep it simple, go for a rib stitch formed from a basic double rib to knit a thick and warm scarf. To juxtapose the plain design, pick a yarn in a bright vivid colour, such as this on-trend shade of ‘Gen-Z’ mustard yellow.

2) Striped rainbow scarf

If you want a more muted version of the rainbow, knit a striped scarf in pastel colours. Use a neat stocking stitch so that attention isn’t drawn away from the peppy design, and complete with two giant pom poms in the same shade as your favourite colour stripe.

3) Fringed scarf

Pick a yarn dyed in a gradient of outlandish colours, such as green, blue, and purple, to add an artsy statement to any outfit. Purl one, knit three, to form a chunky rib pattern structure, then twist different shades of yarn together to attach as a long tassel fringe.

4) Candyfloss scarf

Openwork stitches are a quick and easy way to make an elegant featherlight scarf, suitable for a mild evening or dressed up for a dinner party. Pick a delicate hue to compliment the graceful design.

5) Tartan scarf

Replicate real tartan fabric by knitting a scarf in a green and black alternating square pattern, then outline with contrasting red and yellow lines made from an embroidered chain stitch to complete the Scottish design.

6) Cosy cable scarf

Bring a traditional cable knit scarf into the 21st century by knitting it in a shade of soft ‘millennial’ pink. This is brilliant for showing off your complex cabling skills whilst staying stylish throughout the cold months.

7) Pattern end scarf

If you want contemporary but with a twist, apply a minimalistic dose of pattern by knitting Fair Isle features at both ends of a skinny scarf in a straightforward stocking stitch. Stick to a monochrome palette with a dash of red stripes for a streamlined distinctive finish.

Feeling inspired? Take a look at our kits for everything you need to knit your next scarf!