Summer Fete Knits

Like cucumber sandwiches or strawberries and cream, there’s something quintessentially British about a summer fete. Whether it’s a romanticised vision of what summertime should be like, or a nostalgic trip down memory lane, fetes still hold a special place in the heart for many of us – and especially crafters (and bakers), as they’re an amazing platform to showcase our creations.

Whether you’re selling for charity, raising money for the school PTA or just trying to get your brand out there, spending an afternoon with a bunch of like-minded individuals, enjoying some sunshine and maybe the odd cuppa and slice of cake doesn’t sound too bad to us.

Of course, as with any market, it’s always best to know your audience. Think about what’s likely to sell (and not sell – giant tassel earrings, we’re potentially looking at you here, as lovely as you are), and stock up accordingly…

Time for tea

We don’t care what decade it is, there is always a place for knitted tea cosies. Go elegant with a cotton-knit, neutral cabled cosy, or embrace full on kitsch with that raspberry pot cover.


Yes, it may sound a cliche, but bunting still proves to be a popular seller at fairs. Knit up some little flags in coastal colours or pinks and greens – perfect for a garden party. Why not entwine with some battery-operated LED fairy lights (in which the bulbs remain cool) for extra wow factor?

Mini toys

It’s difficult to resist a cute hand-made toy, but when it’s an adorable miniature, it’s almost impossible. Go for bears, dolls and animals, dressed in cute clothes, and keep them small and light enough for a child to easily carry around. Never under-estimate pester power…

Knitted flower festival hair wreaths

Capitalise on the laid-back, folky vibe that can often be found at fetes with whimsical hair wreaths – the perfect impulse buy!

Knitted cakes and biscuits

If your creative skills don’t extend as far as the kitchen (don’t worry, you’re not alone), how about a batch of knitted cakes or biscuits instead? From custard creams to jammy dodgers, party rings to bourbons, very few of us can resist a biscuit when it’s on offer!

Whatever you go for, have fun – and don’t forget the sun cream if you’re lucky with the weather…