The Best Knits to Make this Christmas (F)

Christmas has got to be the most fun time for knitters, with a chance to get festive using sparkly yarns and plenty of potential for some serious stash-busting opportunities. These quick-to-make knick-knacks are ideal for the holiday hobbier.

If you’re hosting Christmas dinner this year, just picture these dazzling votives as your centrepiece. With added sparkle from knitted-in beads, wrap them around jars for an extra trendy touch.

Teeny baby knits are notoriously quick to make, and this Scandi sweater will go down in history as baby’s first ever Christmas jumper and subsequent heirloom. What a treat!

Wool hot water bottle covers stay warmer much longer than synthetic-covered versions and this sumptuously textured knit is bound to send all the feels.

These little birdies will fly off the needles in no time so make LOTS! Adorn an entire tree with these cheep little fellas and stuff with lavender to keep your decs mildew and odour-free come next Crimbo.

Whether they’re set to sparkle on stage in an upcoming nativity, or simply for a bit of dress-up on Christmas day afternoon, playtime will never be complete again without this stretchy knitted crown.

These will look stunning as a string of bunting or even as an advent calendar. Stuff them full of teensy trinkets for some extra hidden goodies around the house during the holidays.

This pretty snow princess piece is an easy knit – most of the work goes into plaiting the hair, which appears seemingly at the wave of a magic wand! You’ll be the most popular auntie or grandma ever.