The Best of British Wool

Written by Vanessa

Thanks to our stretches of gorgeous countryside roaming with over 34 million woolly sheep, the Britain Isles are home to some of the best yarn in the world. Here’s our list of five of the best British brands you can use to make your next cushion, cardigan, or throw all the more luxurious.

Image courtesy of Erika Knight

Erika Knight

When Erika Knight decided to venture into the wool-making business following an established career in the textile industry, she was determined to create a product that supported the heritage of British manufacturers. This wool is made entirely from the fleece of Bluefaced Leicester sheep, which Erika dubs the “cashmere of British wools”, thanks to its incredible softness coupled with its featherlight weight.

We love this British Blue 100 wool in the shade ‘Kanoko’. 

£12.95 per 100g hank (

Image courtesy of Izzy Lane

zzy Lane

Izzy Lane is an ethical yarn producer that puts animal welfare first. Their flock of rare Shetland and Wensleydale sheep have all been rescued from slaughter, free to spend the rest of their natural lives grazing upon the Yorkshire Dales. Founder Isobel is a vegetarian who wanted to provide an alternative to wool imported from countries whose sheep suffered under poor animal welfare policy; a British brand whereby no sheep would be killed. This philanthropic business model has even won the company an RSPCA award.

We love this Knitting Yarn in the sunny shade ‘Ochre Gold’.

£8.50 per 50g ball (

Image courtesy of Romney Marsh

Romney Marsh

Romney Marsh was founded on the belief that British wool ought to be celebrated due to its eco-friendly and adaptable characteristics, which allow it to be turned into excellent textiles such as yarn, cloth, rugs, and beyond. There are currently 1,000 Romney lambs born every spring in Kent, having gained a reputation for their lustrous longwool coat. This wool is also naturally hypoallergenic to suit even the most sensitive of skin, making it perfect for allergy sufferers.

We love this British Romney Chunky Yarn in a classic cream shade.

£8 per 100g skein (

Image courtesy of West Yorkshire Spinners

West Yorkshire Spinners

West Yorkshire Spinners is situated in the pastoral county home to the British Worsted Spinning Industry and boasts to be one of the few remaining producers of wool that is reared, sheared and spun in Britain. All of their yarns are hand or machine spun in their in-house factory, sourced by British sheep, from breeds such as Bluefaced Leicester, Shetland, Wensleydale, and Clun Forest.

We love Wensleydale Gems Collection – 100% Wensleydale DK in this season’s on-trend yellow shade ‘Citrine’.

£8.50 per 100gm hanks (

I Knit or Dye 

I Knit or Dye is available exclusively through I Knit London, an independent knitting shop in nestled within a maze of artsy studios in Waterloo. The blend of Merino wool is hand-dyed in an assortment of rainbow colour combinations in their Liverpool studio. For that extra special touch, each skein of yarn is given its own quirky name that references pop culture, with a heavy emphasis on icons such as David Bowie and Prince.

We love this Ziggy Stardust Sock Yarn in the turquoise shade ‘What This World is About’.

£17 per 100g skein (