Top Home Décor Knits

There is something very personal about warming your home with knitted goodies – totally show-offy too – and why not? We say go for it! Isn’t it a nice feeling to utter, “Why yes, I knit that myself,” and where better to do it than while peering over a cuppa in your living room?

All wrapped up

Blankets might seem big projects, but when finished they’re always a masterpiece, perfect or not. Keep it interesting by changing up techniques and colours every time you make a new square. Even a simple blanket can tie the colour scheme together and help warm a room.

So-fa so good

If you’ve not quite got the patience for a whopping blanket in a teeny yarn, then a super chunky throw in a shade that complements your décor will not only keep you warm on chilly evenings but look great, too.

Comfy seating

By why stop there? Whip up a chunky-knit stylish pouffe to match in next-to-no-time with big needles and gargantuan yarn. It’s the chic avenue to providing a cosy extra seat when guests are over for a cocktail or two in front of a roaring fire.

Scatter goodies

If all of the above sounds a little ambitious, don’t fret. A few odd balls left over from another project in some funky shades will look great as simple throw cushions. Opt for button-up covers so that they can be hand-washed easily and stay looking great for longer.