Written by Vanessa

Mother Nature blessed us with fruit; it’s colourful, sweet, and delicious. As a result, fruit doubles as the perfect pattern to use on your knits – from cushions to tea cosies to clothing! Here are our best fruit-themed knitted ideas.



Fruit pin cushions

Sewing and knitting go hand-in-hand, so it’s likely that you have pins lying around in your craft box that needs a home. Using your thinnest set of needles, experiment with making different fruit pin cushions to stitch together and stuff, then finish with little stitches in a contrasting yarn to make seeds. 

Fruit egg cosies

Celebrate two foods in one by knitting some fruity egg cosies to keep your eggs at the perfect temperature for dipping soldiers. Knit a set of four and pick a different fruit to sit atop of each egg – we especially love the bunch of grapes formed from a moss stitch.

Fruit napkin rings

When you have guests over for a summer garden party, what better way to impress them than with knitted fruity napkin holders? These quirky creations are sure to be an ice-breaking conversational starter. Applique the small knitted fruits onto a plain napkin ring for a 3D effect.



Strawberry hat and shoes

The little one in your life will look adorable dressed up as a giant, anthropomorphic strawberry! Pick a soft pinkish-red yarn for the berry and use a bright pear-green for the leafy details. White yarn sewn into tiny ‘V’ shapes will convincingly imitate the seeds.

Strawberry cushion

Continuing with the strawberry theme, knit a cushion cover by starting with a rough circle, slowly decreasing by knitting two stitches together (k2tog) at the end of each row. Sew on white circles to create overstated, feature-sized seeds, and show off some skill by knitting a detailed leaf applique to finish.

Raspberry tea cosy

Add some woodland excitement to your tea parties or luncheons with a raspberry tea cosy. Keep your drinks piping hot under a sweet and enchanting moss-stitch pattern, crowned with three oversized green leaves. Best served with scones and a dollop of homemade jam!



Watermelon mat

Wipe your shoes on something more interesting than that Home Sweet Home mat you’ve had outside the front door for years by upgrading to a juicy watermelon mat. It coincides that nature has already tailor-made a slice of watermelon to be the same shape as the humble semi-circle doormat (although we’ll leave any teleological arguments for another day). Knit in a strong, resilient yarn such as hemp or reclaimed fibres so that it can withstand repeated muddy boot attacks.

Watermelon cushion

If you want something to match the rug, or perhaps you just have a penchant watermelon, your next stop on the fruit-wagon should be a watermelon cushion. Knit two diagonal halves; one red with dotted black seeds, one with green and blue stripes to emulate the rind. If you want to be really savvy, use the same yarn as the rug so it all wonderfully matches.