Using up your Yarn Stash

No one likes to throw away leftover yarn – that beautiful ball of forest green merino yarn that’s a memento of the cardigan you knitted last autumn, or the delicate baby white wool from your niece’s mittens, for instance. Every time you approach your knitting basket, they taunt you – a guilty reminder that you should find a use for them before buying any more yarn – but there’s not enough for another big item. So, what to do?!

Well, not only does that yarn stash give you the perfect opportunity to try out something new, but you can also whip up a few unique quick and easy gifts for friends and family. From plant potholders to key rings, coasters to miniature teddy bears (or ballerinas, unicorns, mermaids, aliens… you get the gist?), there’s a plethora of projects out there that only require a small amount of yarn to create. Novelty knitted napkin rings for BBQ season, anyone? There are so many ideas available online, and the best bit is that you can finish each item in one sitting!

Small projects are a great way to develop new skills, too. So, if you’ve always wanted to have a go at a cable stitch project, why not start small and give a cabled mug cosy a try? Or if Fair Isle has always had you baffled, try a mini Scandi style coin purse. Then sit back with a cuppa and bask in the warm glow of learning a new technique in the knowledge that you’ve also made use of some of that yarn stash. And the best bit of all? You’ve cleared some space in your basket for your next big project!