Wedding Season Knits

Wedding season. Love it or loathe it, that’s where we’re heading at this time of year. However, with our unpredictable British summertime, if you’re anything like me, one question above all will shadow your choice when it comes to a wedding outfit. Will I be warm enough? While we all dream of sunny, blue-sky July and August afternoons giving way to balmy evenings, let’s be honest – more often than not, there’s a slight breeze in the air, and even when the sun is shining, standing about in ‘picturesque’ locations, waiting for the customary photos to be taken can – let’s face it – get a little chilly. However, having spent weeks agonising over the perfect outfit and matching accessories, hoping you’re not going to clash with anyone in the wedding party or another guest, do you really want to cover up your outfit with your faithful leather or denim jacket? It’s the age-old conundrum – style over practicality… What is a gal to do?

Step forward the humble knitted cover-up. And when I say cover-up, I don’t mean a chunky cardigan (as much as I love one). If cardigans are your thing, think dainty lace-knits in mohair or soft cotton – long sleeves and a short, waist-length finish are flattering and practical – or go for a cropped bolero/shrug pattern in cashmere. Or why not consider a capelet or stole, a soft mohair pashmina, or a beautiful shawl? Pinterest is awash with amazing, inspirational patterns – from simple and understated basket-weave or super-soft cabled patterns (perfect for pairing with a heavy/busy print), to detailed, angora lace-knit creations that look stunning as an accent piece with a plain outfit. The key is to invest in a ‘luxury’-finish yarn and go for either a neutral colour which can be paired with different outfits, or something bold and unapologetic that you’ll love for years to come.

And speaking of stunning, it’s not just wedding guests that are turning to knitwear this season… With vintage and boho weddings still a popular theme, you’ll also find more and more brides opting for knitted accessories for their big day. From intricate, show-stopping heirloom shawls in soft merino, to delicate, angel-lace veils, if you’re a vintage loving bride-to-be, why not channel turn-of-the-1900s vintage elegance with a striking lace-knit statement piece? Baby alpaca and silk blends create a beautifully soft, elegant and delicate finish, just perfect for your big day (and guaranteed to ward off any unseasonable chills).