Why We Love Knitting for Babies and Toddlers

Brand new babies need brand new knits, don’t you think? And here are 7 reasons why:

1) They’re quick to make

I’ve always felt that the main reason we knit for babies is that it’s speedy. Selfish? No way. Embrace it – it’s wonderful! You’re not investing much time at all in knitting something dinky. As long as it all goes to plan. Wink, wink!

2) They’ll look adorable

I’d be extremely surprised if you’ve never seen a photo of baby you clad head to toe in knitwear. Parents can’t resist. Mine didn’t. Oh go on then…

3) They’re warm

Aim to knit the size they’ll be when the weather turns cold and warm jumpers, hats and booties are really going to come in handy. Opt for a wool-blend for extra cosiness – super-soft merinos are great for sensitive skins.

4) You can’t get them in the shops

At the end of the day, most knits in the shops are not going to be handmade. It’s not cost-effective for mass production. So a handmade item is always going to be a one of a kind. End of!

5) You can tailor the colour to the baby

If you’re being ‘traditional’ and knitting for a baby who hasn’t yet arrived, you might like to go for the old pink or blue option. Watch it though – not all parents expecting little girls like pink!

Just putting it out there that my nephew’s mum quite likes to dress him in black and dark grey (no, he’s not a member of the Munster family) so be brave – if you know the parent’s favourite colours, chances are they’ll love a knit in one of their fave shades.

6) Customisation options are endless

If you’re really going for gold, adding the baby’s name or initials with a little embroidery or some bold intarsia, is going to add a seriously sentimental edge to your finished item.

7) It’s fun!

This might all sound a bit rigid as far as rules and regulations to follow when you’re knitting for others, but a bit of careful thought can save anything you’ve made from being neglected at the bottom of the drawer.

The biggest thing to bear in mind is that knitting is fun – so make sure you pick something you enjoy making, so that it doesn’t begin to feel like a chore.