Why We Love Pom Poms

Written by Sarah

Did someone mention pom poms? Pom poms! Even the sound of it is fun… But why have we all fallen in love with these simple little creations which, more often than not, used to be a tacked-on afterthought to a project?

It’s fair to say that the humble pom pom has experienced a meteoric rise in the crafting hall of fame over the last couple of years, with no sign of our love affair with them abating any time soon. But just what is it about these fluffy little balls of yarn-y goodness that has transformed a primary school activity into a trend the crafting world has gone crazy for?

Well, they’re fun, easy to make – which is a great way to get kids involved in craft – inexpensive (no elaborate, temperamental pieces of equipment needed here – granted, a pom pom maker is handy if you’re planning to make a lot, but you can still achieve brilliant results with the old two cardboard rings technique), portable, quick to whip up and also a brilliant way to use up left-over lengths of yarn. Hmm… that probably explains their popularity.

So in continued celebration, here are out top five pom pom projects:

Beach bag

It’s summer (contrary to anything the weather might be telling you) – so dust off that old beach bag and give it an on-trend pop pom make-over. Make a couple in different sizes and dual colours, then use the long tails to attach to the straps. Voila – instant summer chic!


Not for the faint-hearted, pom pom rugs can look spectacular and make a great statement piece. Use chenille wool and a single colour for an understated, elegant finish, or just embrace the crazy and go multi-coloured. Visit your local craft shop or go online to find kits which include base mats to attach the pom poms to, plus all the yarn you’ll need.


If those much-loved sandals are looking a little worn after being rescued from the back of the cupboard for another season, why not add a little pom pom magic to them? Keep the pom poms small, and for a grown-up feel, try incorporating a metallic fleck yarn into your winding…  They’re also a fun, instant update to a cheap pair of flip flops!


A simple idea, but in soft, pastel colours, a pom pom mobile can be a craft show-stopper in a baby’s nursery. Easy to personalise, it also makes a great gift…

and… A cuddly toy!
Simple but surprisingly effective, with just a few extra pieces of felt and some pipe cleaners, you can transform your yarn ball into a totally adorable little toy. From bunnies to pandas, chicks to elephants… But we just love the baby otters that are taking over Pinterest!