Winter Warmers

Written by Vanessa

The bleak midwinter has arrived, and you’ve already got plenty of handmade blankets, scarves, and hats to keep you warm – so now it’s time to give some thought to the smaller accessories capable of helping you get cosy.

Coffee cup wrap

It’s so frosty that even your coffee risks going cold unless you wrap it up! Use a natural wool, such as Aran, to keep it insulated whilst you’re on the go, and stick to a natural colour scheme complete with wooden buttons to make it look rustic.

Hedgehog mug wrap

Why stop at a coffee cup wrap? Keep your mug of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate piping hot with an adorable animal mug wrap. Add detail to this not-so-prickly little fellow by using a black yarn to sew in eye and nose detail, and finish with a button on the back. We like this hedgehog design, but if you’re a seasoned knitter you can make a collection including other woodland animals, such as a robin, deer, and hare; one for each member of the family.

Hot water bottle cover

A hot water bottle is an essential for cold January nights, especially during the hail and snow, and their covers make the perfect knitting project since there are so many ways to customise them. Pick a toasty cashmere wool in a blushing pink shade and add pom poms for decoration if you’re missing the heat and want something reminiscent of last summer’s trends.

Wrist warmers

Wrist warmers are free from the restriction of gloves or mittens; your fingers are free to knit, crochet, or scroll through Pinterest, but your hands and arms are still kept warm. Knit in a straightforward plain stitch but use a gradient yarn to add an effortless emphasis of colour to your winter look.

Fair Isle socks

If you need another layer under your slippers or chunky winter boots, try your hand at knitting a pair of Fair Isle socks. They will keep you dry and warm whether you’re outside building a snowman or indoors knitting away beside the fireplace. If you’re new to Fair Isle designs, don’t let their intricate designs intimidate you – we’ve posted step-by-step workshops on how to follow both classic and shaded patterns.

Draft excluder

Pets love this soft draft excluder to cuddle up to – and so will you, since it does an excellent job at keeping the chills out from under wooden draughty doors. Try a bold harlequin design in reds and yellows to contrast against aged oak to embody an autumnal vibe.