Cable Knitting Part 1 – C4F

Cable Knitting Part 3 – C6F and C6B

Cable Knitting Part 4 – C12F and Odd Number Cables

Cable Knitting Part 2 – C4B

Moss Stitch Diamonds

Weaving in Yarn Ends

Classic Fair Isle Patterns

Shaded Fair Isle Patterns

Seed Stitch

Making an i-Cord

Yarn Over Needle

Intarsia Method

Making a pom pom

Grafting a Cast-Off piece onto knitting on the needle

Grafting (Stocking Stitch)

Grafting (Garter Stitch)

Working with different coloured yarns

Joining Yarn

Horizontal Stripes

Stranded Colourwork Part 1

Stranded Colourwork Part 4

Stranded Colourwork Part 3

Stranded Colourwork part 2

Colourwork – Weaving in One-Handed

Colourwork – Weaving in Two-Handed

Horizontal buttonholes – 2 rows deep

Eyelet buttonholes

Horizontal buttonholes – 1 row deep

Casting on using double pointed needles

Right-Slanting Decrease

Left-Slanting Decrease

Reading a Chart

Making a Fringe

Long-Tail Cast On

Felting in a Washing Machine

Counting stitches and rows

Measuring knitting on your needle

Casting on: thumb method

How to knit using double-pointed needles

Casting on: knit stitch

Stocking stitch

Purl stitch

How to decrease on a knit row (K2TOG)

How to create a slip knot

Holding the Needles and Yarn

Knit stitch

Casting Off