Cable Knitting Part 4 – C12F and Odd Number Cables

Using the same principles of holding the stitches to be moved at the front or back of the work you can create cables of varying width, which look very different. Here we explore a twelve stitch cable and a cable consisting of an odd number of stitches.


You can knit the stitches held on the cable needle directly from the needle or you can transfer them back to the left-hand needle before working in the usual way.

Step 1


Cable twelve front (C12F):

This cable is worked over a total of twelve stitches with six stitches being moved from right to left by holding the stitches at the front of the work. Cast on the required number of stitches for the background plus twelve stitches for the cable panel. The first row is the right side of the fabric. Work reverse stocking stitch for the background and then knit the twelve stitches in the centre to start the cable panel.

Step 2


On wrong side rows, purl all the stitches in the cable panel and on the right-side rows knit them. Continue in this way until you have completed ten rows.

Step 3


You can work the cable on the eleventh row. Slip the first six stitches of the cable panel onto a cable needle and hold at the front of the work, knit the next six stitches and then knit the six stitches held on the cable needle. Continue to the end of the row, working the background stitches. Purl the twelfth row.

Step 4


Continue repeating these twelve rows to form a chunky cable that looks like this, twisting from right to left each time.

Step 5


Odd number of stitches cable:

All the cables we have featured so far are composed of an even number of stitches but you can work a cable across an odd number of stitches. Here is a seven-stitch cable. Knit all the right side rows of the cable panel and purl all the wrong-side rows until the sixth row has been worked.

Step 6


On the seventh row, slip the first four stitches of the cable panel onto the cable needle, knit the next three stitches on the left-hand needle and then knit the four stitches on the cable needle.

Step 7


The cable you create in this way has a wider portion crossing from the right to the left.

Step 8


Purl the eighth row to complete the first pattern repeat and then repeat these eight rows to form a cable that looks like this.