Grafting a Cast-Off piece onto knitting on the needle

We have looked at grafting together two pieces of knitting before they are cast off but there will be instances when it is helpful to graft a piece of cast-off knitting to a piece that is still on the needle. Here is the procedure to follow.


This works best when joining pieces of stocking stitch or reverse stocking stitch as it is easier to join the pieces stitch for stitch. Place both pieces of knitting on a flat surface as you work instead of trying to hold them; this will give you better control.

Step 1


Place the pieces to be grafted so that the cast off piece is at the top with the piece still on the needle at the bottom. The needle should face to the right and the right side of both pieces should face upwards.

Step 2


Thread the yarn into a blunt-ended needle (we have used contrasting yarn for clarity). Set up the pieces at the edge by taking the yarn purlwise behind the first stitch on the bottom piece and then taking the needle purlwise behind the edge stitch on the top piece.

Step 3


Insert the yarn needle back into the first stitch on the bottom needle purlwise and lift it off the needle.

Step 4


Now put the yarn needle under the first stitch on the opposite edge and gently pull the yarn through.

Step 5


Take the yarn needle purlwise through the next stitch on the needle.

Step 6


Repeat steps 3 and 4, gently pulling the yarn through each stitch and keeping the tension even with the knitted stitches on the needle.

Step 7


Continue along the seam to be grafted and the stitches will look like this as the yarn follows the path of the knitted stitches and the cast-off edge is disguised by the grafted stitches.

Step 8


Repeat the sequence to the end of the row and an invisible seam will be created between the two pieces.