Horizontal buttonholes – 2 rows deep

In this second tutorial on buttonholes we show you how to knit a horizontal buttonhole over two rows. It is made by casting off the number of stitches to give the correct width on one row and casting them on again on the next row.


Making this buttonhole over two rows as opposed to a single row gives a slightly deeper buttonhole so it is suitable for larger buttons. This is a frequently used buttonhole although you may find other slightly different versions in some knitting instructions. This buttonhole is made over four stitches although the width can be increased or decreased.

Step 1


Horizontal buttonhole over two rows:

Work to the point in the row where the buttonhole is to be positioned. Knit two stitches and, with the left-hand needle, take the first stitch over the second to cast off one stitch. Repeat this three more times to cast off four stitches.

Step 2


Knit to the end of the row and then turn and knit back to the start of the cast-off stitches.

Step 3


Turn the work and use the cable cast-on method to cast on three stitches. (This consists of placing the needle between the last two stitches on the left-hand needle, taking the yarn around the needle and bringing the loop back between the two stitches and then placing this on the left-hand needle to make a stitch).

Step 4


Cast on another stitch and bring the yarn to the front before you transfer the stitch to the left-hand needle.

Step 5


With the yarn at the front, slip the last stitch onto the left-hand needle.

Step 6


Turn the work again and continue to work to the end of the row. This completes the buttonhole.

Step 7


The finished buttonhole has a depth of two rows and has strong bound-off edges that prevent the buttonhole from stretching and gaping.