Making a Fringe

A fringe consisting of lengths of yarn grouped together and knotted makes the perfect edging for a scarf.

Step 1


Cut the number of lengths of yarn required as instructed in the pattern and group them together. Insert a crochet hook through the fabric from the wrong side.

Step 2


Fold the cut lengths in half and insert the hook through the folded end. Hold the rest of the strands taut with your other hand.

Step 3


Pull the looped strands back through the fabric and then place the ends of the fringe through the loop. Pull down gently to tighten the knot right up to the fabric.

Step 4


Repeat this for each fringe along the length of the edge making sure that the fringes are spaced evenly.

Step 5


Turn the fabric to the right side and comb through the fringes with your finger so they are lying flat. Trim along the ends with a sharp pair of scissors so that each fringe is the same length.