Making a pom pom

Written by Jane

Pom poms can be large or small, made in a single colour or from a mixture of yarn colours. They add the finishing touch to hats and scarfs and are great fun to make. Here we show you how to make the perfect round pom pom.


Yarn use - like tassels, pom poms use up a lot of yarn so make sure that you have enough to complete your project and make a pom pom of the required size.

Step 1


You need a stiff piece of cardboard to make the circular template for the pom pom. The diameter of the circle will determine the finished size. Use a pair of compasses to draw the circles or choose an object like a glass that has the right diameter. Draw two larger circles and within them two smaller circles.

Step 2


Draw two slightly angled lines from the inner circle to the outer edge, as shown in the photograph. Cut around the edge of the larger circles and then cut out the inner circles and the strip between the two circles.

Step 3


Place the two circles together and begin to wrap the yarn around them. Wrap around the three-quarter circle in one direction and then work back in the other direction.

Step 4


Repeat this wrapping process, keeping the yarn spread around the circle as evenly as possible, until the circles are covered with a thick layer of wrapped yarn.

Step 5


Slide the blade of a pair of small sharp scissors between the two layers of cardboard and snip around the circle. Keep your thumb over the gap in the circle to ensure the cut yarn stays in position.

Step 6


Cut a piece of yarn (we have used a contrasting colour) and slide it between the two circles. Tie in a single knot as tightly as possible and then tie again to secure.

Step 7


Ease the two circles apart and slide them off the pom pom.

Step 8


Holding the pom pom by the yarn ends, fluff up the individual strands and trim off any that are longer.

Step 9


Use the yarn that was used to secure the pom poms to sew them in place.