Stranded Colourwork Part 4

If you followed our previous post you will know how to work stranding two-handed on the knit side of the fabric, now learn how to achieve this colour work on the purl side.


Check that you have the correct tension between different sections of colour work by looking at the loops over the needle when you have completed a row. They should all lie evenly over the needle.

Step 1


Stranding two-handed (purl stitches):

When you are stranding two handed in stocking stitch you will need to purl with two hands and carry the yarn across the back of the fabric.

Step 2


Hold the working yarn in your right hand and the non-working yarn in your left hand. Purl as usual to the first colour change.

Step 3


Bring the working yarn over the top of the non-working yarn.

Step 4


This now becomes the working yarn. Continue in purl to the next colour change.

Step 5


The yarn in your right hand is now the non-working yarn and the yarn in your left hand is the working yarn. Bring the working yarn under the non-working yarn and purl the next stitch using your left hand.

Step 6


Purl to next colour change using your left hand to wrap the yarn around the right-hand needle.

Step 7


At the next colour change the new yarn becomes the working yarn and is brought over the non-working yarn to begin the next set of colour stitches using the right hand.

Step 8


Continue in this way across the row, alternating taking the working yarn under and over the non-working yarn and knitting with the right and left hand where appropriate.

Step 9


When you have completed the row, check that the strands of yarn carried across the back of the work are the same length.

Step 10


The resulting fabric should have blocks of colour with an even tension and the loops of the stitches over the needle should be the same.