Weaving in Yarn Ends

When you’ve finished your knitted item, you will have several dangling ends of yarn which are from casting on and off and starting any new balls of yarn. It is simple to weave in the end of a new ball of yarn as you work and once you have mastered this easy technique it will become second nature and will save you time. It is an important element of the finished piece and needs to be done neatly and patiently before you sew any pieces together.


You can weave the ends in while you knit instead of waiting until the end. This is particularly useful when you start a new ball of yarn in the middle of a row. Twist the new yarn end around the yarn you are knitting with every three to four stitches. Do this several times and then switch to the new yarn. If you are knitting with more than one colour, only twist the yarn ends around the yarn of the same colour or it will show through on the right side of the work.

Step 1


How to weave in yarn ends:

To weave in yarn ends at the edge of the fabric, take the yarn vertically under several loops along the side.

Step 2


Trim the yarn end close to the surface of the fabric and then stretch the fabric gently to ease the end in invisibly among the stitches.

Step 3


How to weave yarn in right hand:

Take the tail from the old ball in your left hand and hold it behind your knitting.

Step 4


Working with the new ball of yarn, simply insert the right-hand needle under the old yarn while knitting with the new yarn.

Step 5


Alternate knitting with the new yarn normally and placing the needle under the old yarn as described, for about ten stitches.

Step 6


The yarns are now secured and can be trimmed off close to the back of the stitches.

Step 7


How to weave yarn in left hand:

Take the tail of the old yarn and hold in your right hand. Hold the tail of the new yarn in your left hand.

Step 8


Insert the right-hand needle into the next stitch and wrap the tail of the old yarn around the point of the needle anti-clockwise. Wrap the tail of the new yarn around the right-hand needle in the usual way.

Step 9


Unwrap the tail and then knit the new stitch through the old one.

Step 10


Aternate knitting stitches in this way and then in the usual way until you have worked about ten stitches. The ends of the yarn can now be trimmed close to the back of the fabric as they are both secured.